Thinking European History and Culture

This is the homepage of the project "Thinking European History and Culture"

The main goal of this project is to strengthen the sense of European citizenship through education and promotion of our common culture and history. Therefore, the three partner organisations will organise visits to each partners region. Each visit and region reflects a time of our common cultural heritage.

The idea is, to exchange the point of view about the specific time from all participants. The results will are promoted on this website and within the network of the partner organisations.

The content of this website grew with the time. There where three visits planed, in spring 2014 the participants came together in Çeşme in Turkey to talk and learn more about the ancient period, in autumn 2014 a visit to Aachen, Germany and the time of the middle ages was done. The modern times and their influence to Europe where be discussed in spring 2015 in Reims, France.