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Çeşme Halk Eğitimi Merkezi: Çeşme Lifelong Learning Centre

Çeşme Lifelong Learning Centre started its service in 1981. It reached today with increasing acceleration due to helpful services. Our Institute is located in Çeşme which is one of the most popular touristic towns in Çeşme, İzmir. Our company has been contributing to the region’s social and cultural development in an important way with the courses which have been developed since the establishment until now. The mission of our company; by taking persons to the centre, we provide improvement in all the areas that people feel they aren’t sufficient. While our company establishes the person’s needs, we also improve people to be well-educated, capable, compatible with social life, accomplished the necessity of democratic life, self-confident, apologist of their values, open to change, modernist, earned their life with the products they produce and serve. They are able to follow the development of technology. We achieve this by not looking at any kind of social status, race, and sex or religious differences. Beyond the Turkish National Education’s essential aims and principles, we want to be an active company that provides education for every person while following the technological and scientific improvement. Being a company which doesn’t approach the education of adult people as a luxury or as an individual’s limited period of life, contrary to this attitude our institute insists that the education is an act which is an essential part of national necessity and irrevocable part of being a citizen and also both a global and lifelong period. Thus, within the scope of this aim, our institute has several courses which are about traditional handicrafts, traditional folk dancing, Latin dances, playing musical instruments, photography, foreign languages and other skills. We also have courses for people who are under protection and need special education, for the children who work and live in the street in terms of the objectives of European Lifelong Learning Programme. Culture is our address; we will participate in all project activities, bring in our local network and will be responsible for setting up the agenda and for the practical arrangements and workshops. Together with the other partners we will take part in the preparation and implementation of all the planned activities and events, we will also be responsible for publishing and disseminating the project results in Turkey through the visual and written media.

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