Thinking European History and Culture

Our visit to Çeşme Halk Eğitimi Merkezi: Çeşme Lifelong Learning Centre, Turkey

12. April to 16. April 2014

Here are the pictures from our first mobility to Çeşme, İzmir region.

During our meeting in Çeşme, Turkey we learned a lot about our common history and cultural herritage. We had a very good program with visits to the historical site of Ephesus, Erythrai and Şirince Village. The mixture of work meetings, visits to historic and touristic sites and free time was perfect to learn about the similarities and differences in culture today and in ancient times.

This was the program for the meeting in Çeşme, Turkey:

    Sunday, April 12th
  • Informal get-toghether and dinner

  • Monday, April 13th
  • First official meeting at Çeşme Lifelong Learning Centre
  • Introduction and welcome-lunch
  • Ancient handcraft workshop: Marbling

  • Tuesday, April 14th
  • Workmeeting and discussion: "Ancient workd in Europe: national perspectives"
  • Join "Tourism Week" Celebratino in Çeşme City Center

  • Wednesday, April 15th
  • Excursion and cultural program
  • Visit to Ephesus Historic Site
  • Visit to Şirince Village (ancient greek village)

  • Thursday, April 16th
  • Çeşme City Tour
  • Visit Çeşme Castle, Kervansaray, ancient Çeşme Fountains
  • Visit to ruins of ancient Erythrai and modern Alaçatı
  • Social Dinner

  • Friday, April 16th
  • Meeting of TEHC project partners