Thinking European History and Culture

Route Européenne des Légendes

Association "Route Européenne des Légendes" is a non-profit organization working in the fields of education, culture and tourism. Our main objective is to contribute the valorisation of the European intangible and tangible cultural heritage, stepping on the grand tales and legends. We unite experts with different national and professional backgrounds in order to combine knowledge from different cultures and scientific disciplines and reconstitute and preserve this heritage. The governing council of the association is composed of 31 members from six European countries, coming from the fields of academia, culture and performing arts, tourism, education etc. Our association is composed of 4 councils – cultural, tourism, scientific and international council where the major achievements and challenges in the relevant fields are discussed. Because of the growing number of institutional partners showing interest in our activities, a council of public authorities is currently under construction. The association organizes regularly groups of reflection, conferences and workshops to share this knowledge, exchange ideas and good practices. We operate educational, cultural and tourism circuits aiming at the promotion of the cultural heritage and its territories of origin. We are working on the establishment of a new route of “slow progression” (by walking, cycling, horse or boat) called Via Bayard, on the model of pilgrim routes in order to make discover the value of nature and countryside through the steps of the European tales and legends. We organize training courses for cultural tourism animators with the support of the French League of Education. We will participate in all project activities, host the third set of workshops and will be responsible for setting up the agenda and for the practical arrangements. Together with the other partners we will take part in the preparation and implementation of all the planned activities and events, we will also be responsible for publishing and disseminating the project results in France through the selected media.